Transcribe MP3 to Sheet Music

How To Convert MP3 to Sheet Music?

Your situation: You have this song you would love to play by yourself. But you only have the MP3 file and no sheet music for it. How to attain them?

Our Solution: Let our automatic music transcription software transcribe the music of the audio file for you!

How it works:

Step 1:  You choose your needed music instrument at ( “products”).

🎸 Guitar2Tabs = creates tabs and notes from guitar songs

🎹 Piano2Notes = transcribes piano music in sheet music

🎤 Sing2Notes = compiled music notes from vocals

Step 2: Now you can test the first 30 seconds for free and then decide which subscription model suits you.

Step 3: After the registration process is done, you can start with your music transcription!

Step 4: Press the Plus-button on the right bottom corner

Step 5: Choose the upload file-button. A window opens: upload a file. Drag and drop a file into the drop field, or click on it to show a select file dialog.

Step 6: The dialog closes automatically, and your song will appear in your songbook with a sand clock icon. This means it is in the queue, but the processing has not started yet.

Step 7: When it is your turn, it will be indicated by a rotating circles icon. The transcription itself will now take up a few seconds or minutes (depending on the video duration).

Step 8: When the transcription is finished, the song’s icon will change to a note icon. Now you can open your finished sheet music by clicking on the title.