The Perfect Gift for Musicians!

Upload your piano piece as MP3 file or import a YouTube piano cover and get a PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML transcription right away! With the Klangio Gift Cards your musician friends can benefit by getting the transcription of a full-length audio and additional output formats.

Who Are Klangio Gift Cards For?

Perfect Gift for Music Teachers

Are you looking for the ideal gift for a piano teacher or your student? With Klangio you send them something that will make them enjoy piano lessons even more.

A Unique Gift for Piano Players

A special gift for pianists which they will love a lot. Klangio is the ultimate tool for every pianist who wants to make more out of an improvisational jam session.

young male guitarist playing the guitar while looking at the guitar2tabs app

Christmas Gift for Musicians

A personalized Christmas gift idea for musicians. Send them a gift of music and show them that you love them by adding your personal message to the certificate.

What They'll Get in Klangio

👍 A fast, easy way to transcribe sheet music!
✌️ Upload MP3 recordings or import YouTube videos
🤘 World’s most accurate automatic piano transcription
👂 The Klangio AI is able to hear the notes for you
🙌 Simple, easy to use interface
👌 Works with any piano or keyboard

How It Works

The gift cards or certificates contains a voucher code which can be used to fill up the contingent of full – length music transcriptions. The gift certificates can be printed or downloaded as PDF and sent as email to a beloved musician. The code can be redeemed at any time.

1. Personalize

Add a loving note to your custom designed card

2. Give

Print or email them your thoughtful gift

3. Redeem

A Gift Card code will unlock their musical adventure!

Create a Gift Card

Can be redeemed in Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs, and Sing2Notes.

What Musicians Are Saying

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FAQ for Gift Cards

Klangio Gift Cards are paper gift cards that you print yourself when you need it, no planning ahead or last minute trips needed. You receive the gift card PDF via Email and you print, fold, and hand deliver to your recipient.

The gift card can be redeemed in Piano2Notes (piano), Guitar2Tabs (guitar), and Sing2Notes (vocals).

The recipient can redeem the code by visiting and entering the code there. The redeemed transcriptions can be used in Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs, and Sing2Notes.

The PDFs are designed in three sections: cover, message, and redeem code. Therefore, you can fold the paper three times and fit it into a standard envelope.

No, the code will not expire. Your recipient can redeem the code now or later.