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Upload your vocal recording as MP3 file or import a YouTube vocal cover
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You play the music piece of your choice or upload a video from YouTube


Our AI processeses the played notes and chords


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Unlock the full potential of Sing2Notes and turn your singing into sheet music effortlessly. Try our transcription service for free with the first 20 seconds of your recording, and see the results for yourself. Then, choose the right plan for you. Each plan includes access to our high-quality transcription service, with no commitment and no risk.

How does Sing2Notes work?

Once your music piece is uploaded, our artificial intelligence powered transcriber processes it to generate a sheet music based on what it hears.

When the processing is finished, you can download 3 different file types: the sheet music as a PDF file, quantized and unquantized MIDI files and a digital notation as a MusicXML file.

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Quick Results

Transcribing music manually takes hours, our AI delivers results after only a few minutes.

Machine Learning

We use algorithms that we taught how to extract notes from a piano recording.

Artificial Intelligence

The more pieces of music our AI transcribes, the better results it provides.

About us

  • We are experts when AI lives in symbiosis with music transcription.
  • We are a start-up from Karlsruhe, Germany, that aims to establish Artificial Intelligence in the music world, enabling musicians worldwide to transcribe their favorite pieces fully automatically.
  • We are like your favorite piece of music: different and there when you need us.

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Whether you are creating your own composition or trying to figure out the notes of existing vocals, Sing2Notes’ artificial intelligence allows you to transcribe recordings in a simple and fast way.

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