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Includes Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs,
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Includes Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs,
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No, purchased transcription tickets do not expire. They remain active on your account until you use them. This allows you to use them at your convenience, without any pressure or rush.

After purchasing your transcription tickets, they are added to your account. With each transcription, a ticket is automatically deducted. All you need to do is upload your file and start the transcription; the rest is taken care of automatically.

Our Black Friday deals adhere to the same refund policy as our regular purchases. You can request a full refund within 14 days of purchase, provided no transcription tickets have been used.

Our AI-powered transcriptions offer a high level of accuracy and are capable of capturing notes, rhythms, and even more complex musical nuances. However, it’s important to note that the AI also transcribes any human errors and inaccuracies in timing that are present in the original performance. This means that the transcription will closely mirror the actual played or sung music, including any imperfections. The accuracy of the transcription can also vary depending on the clarity and quality of the audio recording.

Yes, you can perform basic edits within our web app. Currently, the app provides features such as transposing, changing time signature, key signature, doubling or halving the note durations, and fixing pickup bar shifts. These tools allow you to make essential adjustments to your transcriptions. However, for more in-depth editing, we recommend using the musicXML export feature. By exporting your transcription to a musicXML file, you can then edit it in a dedicated note editor like MuseScore. This will give you greater flexibility and a wider range of editing options to fine-tune your music to perfection.

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