Music and AI – A Connection You Should Know About

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The days to debate what if artificial intelligence is going to impact the music industry have over. As artificial intelligence has been used in many ways already.

Therefore, now this is time to see how it is influencing the music industry as well as how we are going to create and consume music in the coming year. Similar to what it has done with other industries, it is advancing the music industry too. Artificial intelligence is helping people in automating services, discovering insights and patterns in plenty of data sets, and helping people to create more efficiently.

However, companies who are working in music industry need to prepare and accept how artificial intelligence can transform if they don’t want to be left behind. To understand how-to of music and artificial intelligence there are much to know for people.

AI is catapulting growth in the music industry

More often we have heard technology is changing the way to do business, or reshaping the way we used to live. But now this fact is also present in the music industry. It is because artificial intelligence is revolutionizing music industry too. As per McKinsey report, about 70% of the companies are going to adopt at least one of artificial intelligence-based technology till 2030. The promise of artificial intelligence is that it will augment and complement our human capabilities.

Thanks to the support and insights artificial intelligence is providing music industry is also going to be more efficient and effective over time. even more, it can also drive innovation and growth with the passage of time. As a result of this influence of artificial intelligence on music industry, its creative processes will also likely transform. Leaders of music industry such as Scott Cohen saw potential effects of technology on the future of music industry when others were unable to do this. As a result, his views for a distribution industry in the age of digital music became “The Orchard” which has been acquired by Sony for $200 million in 2015.

There were different ways artificial intelligence is helping music industry from delivering effective recommendations to the listeners to helping them search and sort their favorites. But now big genre has become an obsolete because AI lists are not based on genre anymore.

Development of furniture music

But with time, it is helping people to develop the previous genres like furniture music. From impressionism to Erik Satie up to neroche or flume, you can consider it as development of furniture music. Bonobo is still the most widely played music producers on this planet. Although the things were started from impressionism but with time and development of furniture music, Erik Satie became a darling to the Avant grade. Although he is known as a major musician which become an essential influence on popular and experimental music. Soon, the development phase of furniture music also entered the era of bonobo, flume or neroche. The piano works of that time are being used as an effective way to chill out and relax more often instead of using those as short pieces of concerts.

Someone might think that this is a misrepresentation of the original music work, but originally it is not too far from the very own aesthetics of Erik Satie. As audience has found out that most of the furniture music have been created to be heard as a background music of our activities to be performed on a regular basis.

Erik Satie used to call this music as “musique d’ameublement” whose literal mean was furnishing music. But with the passage of time, it was more commonly referred as furniture music. The idea was that furniture music will replace the popular music which was being performed in the homes of people. The pieces of this music which were presented at Salon 21 were pretty good examples of this. However, short compositions of this are no longer than 4 music measures more commonly, which are repeated infinitely. Even repetition of same music measures of this genre is not exhausting. Rather concentration on these music measures can relax the listeners.

This trend dates back to late 19th century

Most of the times, people don’t know that the trend of this music dates back to the late 19th century which later transformed as ambient music. Yann Tiersen is a music producer who will always be associated with magical Amelie in which his music was as big as a big character itself. However, with the direct rooting from traditional folk to the developed chanson, sound tracks of Yann remained best known and listened over decades.

Although there was an assumption that music is only to be played as background for activities. But later people realized that music has the ability to do much more than just being played in the background of activities. It may be because with the passage of time people started to consume music in their regular routine activities. Therefore, this started to help people to keep more music choices to integrate in their routine lives.

Later this interest played a role in the creation of ambient music. Ambient music is a genre of music which is emphasizing more on atmosphere and tone over traditional musical rhythm or structure. The classic definition of ambient music is as ignorable as it’s interesting. However, to make this term more popular, Brian Eno labeled his records with the word “ambient”. However, this label was not only to popularize this music term but also to ensure a certain conception of this form itself.

However, music industry is evolving for centuries and taking different forms as a development to previous form. Many music producers have experimented with different music forms and created different music genres as a result. But at the present time, the thing which is impacting music industry more is use of technology.

Music companies are using artificial intelligence-based solutions to stay competitive in this market. With the arrival of more and more music, technology is playing an important role to not only sort it but also to recommend it to the music lovers.

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