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Settings explained

Here all the settings listed, that you might want to change/select in order to get the best results.

A) Musical Key

Choose between:

  • Automatic detection
  • Choose a specific key

B) Time Signature

Choose between:

  • Automatic detection
  • 4/4
  • 3/4

C) Tempo

Choose between 5 options:

D) Note Duration Quantization

Choose between:

  • Eighth
  • Sixteenth

E) Mode:

Choose the style of your piece

  • Pop
  • Classical Music

F) Single/Double Handed

Choose between the double handed or single-handed version. The single-handed version can be a way to get an easier version for your sheet.

G) Triplets Recognition

You can either activate it or disable it.

H) Detect Clef Changes

We recommend to disable automatic detection of clef changes, for example when the printed clef was incorrect before.

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Updated on October 31, 2022