A Creative Alternative to Making Music with ChatGPT – Step by Step Guide

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Hey there, music enthusiasts! If you’re tired of the limitations of generating music through text with ChatGPT, we’ve got an exciting solution for you! In this video, we’ll explore a different set of AI tools that go beyond mere text and allow you to generate music as audio and actual music notation.

Why Another AI and Music Video?

We get it; you might be thinking, “Do we really need another video about AI and music?” But wait, there’s more! Our approach is unique and will blow your mind. While chat GPT’s results can be repetitive and distant from actual music, we’re about to show you a whole new world of creativity. Let’s embrace the power of Jukebox AI and Klangio, working together to generate mind-blowing music.

Step One: Primer Audio and Jukebox AI

We begin with a short audio snippet as a primer for Jukebox AI. Pick an instrument like piano or acoustic guitar for best results. Using the one-click Jukebox Colab Book, we’ll generate something new based on your audio. The process takes some time, but trust us, it’s worth the wait for the fascinating and diverse results. Want more outcomes? Run multiple generations simultaneously using different Google accounts!

Step Two: Transcription with Klangio

Now, we have inspiring music generated by Jukebox AI, but let’s go a step further. Head to the Klangio website (second link in the description) to use their AI for music transcription. We have applications for piano, vocals, and playing guitar, available on web, iOS, and Android. Drop your audio into Piano2Notes, and in seconds, you’ll get an actual sheet music and audio playback. Take that, ChatGPT!

Enhancing the Quality with MIDI

Want to elevate your music even further? Use Klangio’s premium model to get the full MIDI file. Open your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Reaper, and import the MIDI. Add a digital piano for playback and begin manual editing for a more personalized touch. Adjust the notes, humanize the dynamics, and add effects like reverb for a richer sound. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t Stop Here! More Exciting Content Coming Soon!

Congratulations on exploring the creative world of music generation beyond text-based AI! We hope you found this guide inspiring and helpful.

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