Mathematical Formula for A Musical Hit and/or Whether It Exists

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We all know the fact that music and math have a relationship that dates back to the 20th century. It was that time when for the very first time, the mathematical theorists and scientists have started working on the use of math in music. It was very early in this century, and when it came towards the end, the innovations and modifications have blessed us with so many things. The use of math in music took so much attention and brought about a complete revolution in the industry.

This article is all about math and the music, how they are related to each other, what is role o math in music, and above all of them the theory behind the fact that math is the base of the music. Well, if you are interested and would like to learn about it in detail, then we are here with you along with all the information about these questions in detail. Let us just get started with it now.

Relation Between Math and Music

The relationship between math and music was a kind of revolution that had no looking back after it came into existence. Rather, there is progress with time because every now and then, the music industry is getting new compositions that hit the charts at the top. It is definitely the music and math combination that helps in coming up with such songs that are timeless.

While learning music and while teaching it to the students, all that is used is math. It is the numbers, he patches of them in combination and alone, is all what is used in the music. During the making of music and its composition, the numbers are selected that how many will be induced in the whole composition, then they are placed in a sequence. After this, they are rearranged according to the composition and the way it is organized. Never skip the fact that they can be overlapped to bring twist at some point in the music, or maybe removed altogether to make it something different. This is how it works, and this is how much math is related to music in general.

Role of Math in Music

The role of math in music is just like anything without which one cannot survive. For instance, the human body and the air proposition or water portion in it. Ads we cannot imagine a living body without these two, in the same way, you cannot imagine music without math. So, that is how big its role in it. Here are the few in pointed roles of math in music. The list is as follows:

  1. The first and foremost role of math in music is that it brings harmony in it. All the different turns and twists in it are controlled and managed at their specific places thanks to mathematical formulas or algorithms.
  2. It decides how the music will be sounded like to the people who are listening to it, and also how many ratings it will get as the hit or flop song.
  3. The frequency at which the music will sound to the people who will perceive it will be decided by the math and the formulas used to make it. So, this is another massive advantage of having it in your musical compositions.
  4. The high or low pitch at which the music you are composing will sound is all dependent on the math. How the mathematical formula is composed and how they have arranged the various number in composition makes the user the high or low pitch of the musical composition.
  5. The rate or time with which the chords progress in your composition is not something that is done automatically. But actually, it is the math behind it that is controlling its pace and rate at which it is working.
  6. Math helps in the interweaving of western and eastern music, or maybe the help in making the combination of the modern and older music, or maybe between two different types of musical sounds of one region. So, once again, a great role of math in music.
  7. One more role of math in music is that it helps in making the musical composition smooth in a very short time because it fits in the different curves and changes in it in a very short time.

Is mathematics essential for musical theory?

Well, this question is quite valid and should be answered in very well form because many people confuse the fact that if it is actually a mathematical theory or not. Just keep in mind that the music and the math are two interrelated things. Both are depended on each other when we are working on some composition. It is mainly the theory of math that is working on the musical composition, and it is the musical composition that is helpful in making that mathematical theory solid and useful for you in the long run. So, just keep that in mind and be sure that mathematics works on the musical theory and vice versa.


Knowing the fact that music and math have some relationship must be odd for so many people. If you are also one of them, then now your shock must have been gone after knowing everything mentioned above. You will be able to now better understand the whole science behind the music, how it is made, how difficult it can be sometimes, how much effort people put in it, and above all of this the fact that how difficult it is to give a hit song if there was no math involved in the whole composition of a musical song or nay other simple plane composition that we listen. If you really want to come into this field, then surely have to master this skill, work on it, polish it to make it to that level that is acceptable by the people who will listen to it.

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