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How to Turn Audio Files and YouTube Videos into TABs and Guitar Pro

This article will show you, how to convert and turn Audio Files and YouTube videos into Guitar and Bass TABs and Guitar Pro Files with Klangio’s app Guitar2Tabs.

Step 1: Open Guitar2Tabs

Head over to Guitar2Tabs or download the app for iOS or GooglePlay.

Step 2: Upload the Audio File or Paste in a YouTube Link

Drag and drop the audio file into this box to transcribe it.
The drag-and-drop box of the transcription apps.
Melody Scanner: Click on the Green Plus and select “File Upload” or “YouTube to Sheet”
On Mobile: Select YouTube, Record or Audio File to start

Now follow the transcription process of the app. Simply drag and drop the audio file into the dedicated box or paste in a YouTube link of music or select the category on the mobile app.

Step 3: Transcribe the Audio File

The Additional Information window for transcribing music with the Klangio Apps.
The additional information window of Piano2Notes

Simply follow through the dialog windows to transcribe the audio file. If you’re transcribing a Bass Guitar, you can select it in the “Instruments” Section. Learn more about the additional settings in this guide.

Step 4: View the Guitar TABs and Download the GuitarPro File

Guitar TABs that are generated from a Guitar2Tabs transcription.

You can now see the TABs that are generated from the provided audio.

The Download Menu of Guitar2Tabs, providing different download formats for transcriptions.

In the top right corner of the transcription, you have the option to download the transcription in different formats. Choose “Export GP5”. If necessary, upgrade to a full transcription.

Step 5: Open the GuitarPro File

You can now use the Guitar Pro Editor to view and edit your Guitar TABs (there are also free alternatives like TuxGuitar). If you want to know more about how to edit TABs with TuxGuitar, check out this guide

Feel free to write questions in the comments about how to turn audio and YouTube into Guitar or Bass TABs and Guitar Pro files.

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Updated on March 25, 2024