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Create your transcription in 3 simple steps:


Record, upload or paste in a YouTube link of music.


Klangio AI listens to your music and transcribes it automatically.


View, edit and download your notes as Sheet Music, MIDI and MusicXML.

Scores have already been created using Melody Scanner!

Melody Scanner works for you.

Choose your own Workflow

Record your Music

Bring your own compositions to paper in the easiest way possible. Generate scores by recording your playing.​

Upload Audio Files

Upload MP3, WAV, or any recording of music to turn them into notes. Access all your pieces from any device with the Klangio songbook.

Import YouTube videos​

No audio recording at hand? No problem! Simply paste in a YouTube link, to automatically generate sheet music from a video.

Review and Edit your Notes.

We offer a variety of notation formats to display your transcribed notes. Review and edit your piece directly in the browser or the app as:

Sheet Music

Edit notes and measures within your Score, just like any composition software, directly in your browser.


Sheet Music is not your thing? No worries! Pianorolls are easier to read and to play along to if you’re not familiar with classical notation.

Guitar TABs

Guitar TABs are the most common form of notation for all kinds of guitars, and of course, also included in the Klangio Apps.

Download various Formats

Finally, export your piece in different formats for you to share and edit in the software of your choice.

pdf format
PDF of Sheet Music & Guitar TABs
musicxml format
midi format
guitar pro format

Arrangement Mode

Turn Songs into Piano Arrangements that match your playing difficulty.

Lead Sheet Mode

Get Melody and Chords transcribed for your instrument.

Universal Mode

Transcribe all hearable notes from a music recording.

Free Demo Transcriptions and Flexible Plans.

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$ 0
  • YouTube import
  • Composition using AI
  • Record up to 1 minute
  • Sheets limited to 40 bars
  • PDF Export


SAVE 40%
$ 39
  • YouTube import
  • Composition using AI
  • Record up to 5 minutes
  • Upload audio files
  • View the full sheets
  • Custom PDF Export
  • Export MIDI/MusciXML


$ 4
  • YouTube import
  • Composition using AI
  • Record up to 5 minutes
  • Upload audio files
  • View the full sheets
  • Custom PDF Export
  • Export MIDI/MusciXML

Transcribing Instruments? No Problem!

Check out our precise transcription apps:


Turn Pianos into Notes.


Turn Acoustic, Electirc and Bass Guitars into Notes.


Turn Singing into Notes.


Turn Drums into Notes.

How does
Melody Scanner work?

Transcribing with the Klangio Apps only takes a couple seconds:

Upload an audio file, paste in a YouTube link, or record your music directly with the app. Our AI then listens to the music and writes down the played notes for you and displays it as sheet music. 

You can then edit the notes directly in the apps and download them as 4 different file formats: the sheet music as a PDF file, quantized and unquantized MIDI files, a digital notation as a MusicXML file or a GuitarPro file.

Do you have any questions? Then take a look at our FAQs below.

AI Precision

With state-of-the-art technology, your transcriptions have unparalleled accuracy.

Time Saver

Focus on being creative by speeding up the tedious parts of music transcriptions.

Active Development

Our Team of experts are working hard to continuously improve the quality of our AI and develop new features.

About us

  • The Klangio Team: Experts in the field of music, AI research and software development.
  • We’re a Start-up from Karlsruhe, Germany, with the vision to empower musicians around the world with AI technology.
  • Your feedback helps us grow! We appreciate your feedback and are actively researching to improve our transcriptions continuously.

Try out Melody Scanner for Free

Use Melody Scanner directly in your browser and as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Discover countless Possibilities.

Find out how to utilize the Klangio Apps as a:

Whether you are creating your own composition or trying to figure out the notes of an existing piece, Klangio AI transcribes music fast, easy and precise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Melody Scanner can turn any music notes, within seconds! Simply upload an audio file, paste in a YouTube link or record your instrument directly. Choose either the Lead Sheet, Arrangement or Universal mode. Our AI then transcribes your music automatically into notes, which are displayed as sheet music. You can then edit your transcription and download it in different formats.


No matter if you upload a simple melody or a complex chord progression, Melody Scanner can transcribe it. Keep in mind, that Melody Scanner’s core feature is to transform a song into notes, rather than providing an accurate transcription. But don’t worry – There are many more Klangio apps for all kinds of instrumental transcriptions.

Find out more in this article.

For all our Apps, you can download the Sheet Music as a PDF, quantized and unquantized MIDI files, and MusicXML. Guitar2Tabs even includes TABs in the PDF and lets you download a GuitarPro file.

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You can do as many Demo Transcriptions with Melody Scanner as you like, which are completely for free! This allows you to test the quality before upgrading to full transcriptions, which also unlock many more features!

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The better the quality of the music, the better the transcription – it’s as simple as that! In other words, if a professional transcriber will have a hard time to transcribe a certain piano, then so will Melody Scanner. But even if there are some mistakes in your transcribed notes, you’ve saved tons of time with Melody Scanner, and the Edit Mode lets you fix these mistakes with a couple clicks.

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