How to Generate Piano Arrangements using AI

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Do you ever find yourself listening to the radio, streaming playlists, or watching music videos and wish you could play those catchy tunes on piano? Modern pop songs have so many intricate layers of instrumentation that figuring out the chords and melodies seems daunting. Where would you even start? Well, this AI piano arrangement generator can change that!

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now automatically generate piano arrangements from any song in seconds. Keep reading, and I’ll show you step-by-step how to quickly transcribe and learn to play piano versions of your favorite songs using the power of Klangio’s AI Magic. No more tedious transcription by ear!

Effortlessly Create Detailed Piano Arrangements with Melody Scanner

The landing page of Melody Scanner.

Melody Scanner is a revolutionary web app that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to transcribe songs into playable sheet music and piano arrangements, making it an AI piano arrangement generator.

Simply provide a YouTube link or an audio file, and Melody Scanner’s AI will analyze the audio, detect the melody and chords, and output arrangements formatted as sheet music notation or an interactive pianoroll.

With an intuitive interface requiring no music theory expertise, you can produce complete two-handed piano parts for songs in any genre, using the power of AI Magic.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transcribing Songs with Melody Scanner

Follow these simple steps to generate a customized piano arrangement from your favorite YouTube songs and watch this video to follow along:

  1. Visit and click “Get Started For Free” to quickly signup with Google, Facebook or email.
  2. In your Songbook, hover over the + icon and select “YouTube to Sheet” to open the transcription tool.
  3. Choose “Arrangement” mode and your desired difficulty level. Select “Easy” for melody-only or “Full Arrangement” for chords and melody.
  4. Enter a YouTube URL or song title to search. Simply copy and pasta the YouTube link of your favorite song, or check out the suggestions below the search bar. For an upbeat, catchy tune try “Stuck In The Sound – Let’s Go“.
  5. Click “Continue” and let the AI work its magic. Your custom piano arrangement will generate in around 30 seconds.
  6. Preview the sheet music, make edits, and export as PDF, MusicXML, MIDI, and more. Click here to check out what these transcription formats are!

And that’s all it takes! In just a few seconds, you can transcribe and learn to play piano versions of your favorite songs found on YouTube.

Customize Arrangements and Access Premium Features

Once you get the basics down, start personalizing your arrangements by adjusting difficulty, editing wrong notes, and adding your own flair.

For unlimited downloads and features like full transcriptions and access to all download formats, upgrade to Melody Scanner’s affordable paid plans. The capabilities dramatically expand.

Convert Other Instruments Like Guitar, Drums and Vocals Too

In addition to piano arrangements, Melody Scanner’s parent company Klangio offers specialized transcription web apps for other instruments:

Each uses tailored AI models to deliver optimal results by instrument.

Quickly Learn Piano Versions of Today’s Hits

Have you always wanted to play piano covers of the latest chart-topping songs? With Melody Scanner’s AI-powered transcription tools, you can easily create and learn piano arrangements of your favorite tunes.

Stop struggling through tedious music theory. Let artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting, so you can spend time playing and having fun.

Try Transcribing Your Favorite Songs Now

Go start transcribing some of your most-played songs today to begin building your personal pop piano songbook using Melody Scanner as an AI piano arrangement generator! Have questions? Feel free to reach out in the comments.

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