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The latest trend that has been surfacing on the internet for a while now is that of ASMR; more simply put, people uploading videos of them whispering into the camera, tapping, blowing, scratching, crinkling, buzzing and several other actions which aren’t quite significant otherwise but seems to stimulate an experience in our bodies that is oddly satisfying. ASMR directly expands into Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response that is witnessed by some people when they come across videos and sounds like these and are driven into feeling a pleasant head-tingling sensation that is invoked in specific environments. These videos and audios mostly comprise of personal attention and apart from the strange sensation, they can also cause one to trigger extreme relaxation and as a result, fall asleep.

Another intriguing factor that we would like to hold up in this discussion is that ASMR is, under no circumstances, a technical term- this is only a label that is being applied to the mass commonality and still requires a lot of scientific research and studies to surface the actual reasons behind this phenomenon and its tendencies.

How does ASMR work?

There is no defined mechanism to how ASMR works in reality, mainly because there is no technical proof supporting its occurrence and authenticity. However, now that it has been accepted by so many people, we cannot completely steer away from its usual constituents and attempt to delineate a path on which the term treads. If you notice carefully, you will find that the videos and sounds are made up of details that constantly keep repeating themselves; for instance, if somebody is chewing, they will simply keep on chewing following the same arrangement and mostly leave equal spaces between the bites. Even though the sensations vary from person to person, trigger points are commonly the same throughout. Some people like engaging in videos that uphold basic activities such as stirring, tapping, spraying a water bottle and the like, while others like to ponder upon the elaborate scenes of role play. The feeling here is not necessarily sexual; although some viewers have accepted that the clips arouse them sexually, yet mostly they are fundamental and mundane. Let us also not forget to mention that viewers are most likely to grow tolerant towards the videos if the same cycle is followed for long and this is the reason why YouTubers constantly aim at coming up with matter that is fresh off the block and a hint of exception even if they have been picked from some of our daily activities.

How to detect ASMR?

Like we have already mentioned in the above section that ASMR is nothing but, essentially, a sensation, so before you detect it, you will not be furnished with any strapping symptoms like in the other cases. You can experience these stimulations since childhood, but once you start streaming through the videos that have been wholly dedicated to ASMR, you are likely to ignore that. To evaluate the feeling in short, we will have to say it is the sensation that you get when someone lightly touches you, only without experiencing the profound touch on the skin. But once you develop the habit of indulging in the ASMR videos, it can become inarguably difficult to pull yourself out of this convention. There have been innumerable times when viewers asserted that the ASMR videos have assisted them to come down and purge the mind of all the painful thoughts and stress that was otherwise lingering and causing trouble, therefore, confirming that ASMR is accompanied by therapeutic properties.

Different types of ASMR videos and their purpose


Whispering is considered to be the most common source of ASMR trigger; if you browse YouTube, you will be able to outline that the majority of the videos are composed of whispering. Here, the binaural whispering the recourse mostly resorted to as they can easily pull off the disbelief and establish a realistic setting. The chief feature of the binaural whispering is such that you will be able to hear the sound only through one ear because it replicates the procedure of a person speaking directly into your ear. The method of whispering works equally at both times; for some real words and the responses to them catalyse to reduce stress, while to others the neat sound of the whisper is all that makes sense and stimulates the sensations.

Methodical work

People who are usually disciplined get triggered by methodical work that falls into a planned arrangement and can be predicted to some extent. For instance, actions like folding a shirt or combing are frequently looked up by people because then it lets the mind wander into the stretches of calmness while keeping the eyes engaged in a routine configuration.


This can sound weird, but scratching too qualifies as a brilliant way to trigger ASMR. Intensely scratching on the skin or hard surfaces with long well-maintained nails creates a significant rhythm; while some people like the mechanism to be smooth and slow, the others opt for a faster and more intense one.


Another form of ASMR that is considered to be the contemporary of whispering is role play. The first roleplay that succeeded on the internet was when distinct people were getting their hair treated. Every action involved in it like combing, washing, brushing, straightening when associated with elaborate showcasing of each strand of hair and their roots triggered many people.


Buzzing is also another popular way of helping people relax and fall asleep faster. This mechanism is also replicated by several music companies, who try to inculcate buzzing sounds with a hint of music in the background and encourage people with recurring anxiety to listen to them and relax. Buzzing, unlike the others, is a continuous and consistent sound that is hailed as a fair and beneficial trigger.

To sum it up all, just like the other technological discoveries, ASMR too seems to have a bright future lying ahead of it. Video makers are in forward to including advancements such as Virtual Reality to enhance the excitement of the viewers and help them capitalize on their creations in improved ways.

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