How to Identify That Song Melody In Your Head with AI

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Have you ever had a melody stuck in your head, but just couldn’t figure out the exact notes? We’ve all been there – humming, singing and “doo doo dooing” some mysterious tune that you just want to identify already! In this post, we’ll explore an amazing online tool called Melody Scanner that can help you quickly transcribe and unlock any song melody that gets stuck in your head. Let’s identify Song Melodies by Transcribing with AI.

The Frustration and Struggle of Transcribing Melodies

Trying to figure out a melody by ear can be incredibly difficult and frustrating, even for experienced musicians. You play the song over and over, trying to isolate the notes and meticulously transcribe them. It’s a slow, tedious process filled with rewinding and repeating small sections. Many musicians resort to randomly singing “doo doo doo” in hopes of stumbling on the right melody.

But those days of struggling are over! With the help of AI and machine learning, Melody Scanner can listen to songs and automatically generate the melody transcription for you.

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Step-By-Step: How to Use Melody Scanner to Identify Mystery Melodies

Melody Scanner makes transcribing song melodies quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Create a Free Account

Go to and click “Get Started For Free” to sign up.

The login section of Melody Scanner.

2. Select “YouTube to Sheet”

In your Songbook, find the green “+” icon and choose “YouTube to Sheet” from the dropdown menu.

Selecting the Different Modes of Melody Scanner
Melody Scanner provides the option to upload a file, record a song and paste a YouTube link which functions as the basis for the transcription.

3. Choose Instrument and Paste YouTube URL

Pick the instrument, like piano or guitar. Then paste in the YouTube URL of the mystery melody song.

Selecting one of the available instruments for the Lead Sheet in Melody Scanner.
Pasting in a YouTube link for generating a Lead Sheet.

4. Trim Intro/Outro

Use the sliders to trim off any intro or outro sections.

Trimming a YouTube video for a transcription with Melody Scanner.

5. Customize Song Info

Edit the title, composer name, etc. Agree to Terms of Service.

Editing the Title and Composer for the Transcription in Melody Scanner.

6. Export Transcribed Melody

Once complete, preview the transcription. Export or print it as a PDF, MIDI, or MusicXML file.

And just like that, you’ve unlocked that catchy tune stuck in your head! Melody Scanner analyzes the audio and generates the melody notation for you.

The transcription results of Melody Scanner.
The available export formats of Melody Scanner

The Benefits of Using AI-Powered Melody Transcription

Melody Scanner provides musicians, singers, and students with many benefits:

  • Saves time – No more endlessly rewinding songs and transcribing note-by-note. The AI handles it for you.
  • Accurate transcriptions – Algorithms ensure the melody notation is correct, not just guessed.
  • Multiple formats – Export as PDF lead sheets, MIDI files, and more for flexibility.
  • Chord detection – See the underlying chords along with the melody line.
  • Inspiration for songwriters – Discover melodic and harmonic ideas from hit songs.
  • Music theory learning – Hear concepts applied in real-world examples.
  • Remixing and sampling – Import melodies into production software via MIDI.


Don’t waste any more time endlessly singing “doo doo doo” trying to figure out that mystery melody stuck in your head. Identify Song Melodies by Transcribing with Melody Scanner’s AI, so you can quickly unlock any song’s melody in seconds. Sign up for a free account today and start identifying those catchy tunes!

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