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How To Improve the Transcription Quality

If you’re struggling to get useful notes out of a Klangio transcription, then this article can help you. I will show you hot to improve the quality of your transcriptions.

Limitations of the Apps

Make sure to be aware of the limitations of the individual apps. You can learn more about them here.

Quality of the Audio

A good transcription can only result from a good recording. This means:

  • Use a clean recording: Effects like reverb, delay and distortion will have a negative effect on the transcription.
  • Constant tempo: If the music switches between different tempos, it will be hard to determine the exact length of the notes in the sheet music. If you’re aiming to export an unquantized MIDI file afterward, then you can switch tempos however you like and ignore the displayed sheet music in the transcription viewer.
  • Tight playing: If you’re recording yourself playing, make sure to rather play slow and tight. You can use the build in recording feature with the metronom of the Klangio Apps to do so. Feel free to give it a couple tries to record a good take, you will see that it is worth it 🙂

Add Additional Information

Before starting a transcription, you are asked to add additional information to the music. Doing so can greatly improve the transcription quality. You can also access the retranscribe feature in the songbook of your Klangio account, to edit the additional information even after the transcription is completed already.

Use the Edit Mode

Keep in mind, that in music transcription, the personal interpretation plays a huge roll. Because of this, we’ve introduced the Edit Mode, which lets you adapt the Sheet with just a couple clicks.

Refund your Transcription

If you’re still unhappy with the quality of your transcription, you can simply refund your full transcription in the songbook of your Klangio account.

Feel free to check out the other articles in our Help Center, if you have questions about how to improve the transcription quality with the Klangio apps. If you’re still stuck, please reach out to via our Contact Form. We’re happy to help!

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Updated on June 21, 2024