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Description of subscription plan – free, paid (monthly & yearly)

Our Free subscription.
You can create a free Melody Scanner account by using your e-mail and a password or via google-login. This enables you to use Melody Scanner across all platforms.
Now you have access to some of our basic features.
Import any YouTube instrumental video by pasting the URL into Melody Scanner.
Select the right instrument and our AI do the rest.
Depending on how many requests our service has to transcribe your transcription can queue up to 20 minutes. But in the best case it does need just a few minutes.
In order to get the best results we recommend you to transcribe “instrument only” videos. Any second instrument or voice will deteriorate the quality.
In your free basic account, you can record your music piece of up to 1 min. If you upgrade it will be expanded to 5 min.

If you just want to get some notes in a basic way, let our AI create your piano piece as a sheet music.
Here you can adjust some settings like the music key, the tempo and the chord progression and some more.
It is also possible to create a free sheet music and edit it right from the start.

After you choose whether you import or let create your sheet music, the transcription will take some time.
You are able to close Melody Scanner after the upload was successful. You’ll get a message when your sheet music is ready to use.
As a free subscriber you will see the first 40 bars of your sheet music. If your music piece is less long, we wish you a lot of fun. But if you need some larger sheet music, you should go with the monthly subscription to get the full music sheet.

After your first transcription is done, you are able to access it wherever you log in. You can share your sheet music with our handy share button or export it as a PDF. Premium Member will have some more options.

Finally, we know that our AI-based transcription algorithm is far from perfect. Mistakes happen, but you can simply edit it as you need it in our editor (and you have complete access!). You have tons of settings, as for example:
-> transposing score into another music key
-> adjust single notes or add breaks/notes
-> add lyric
-> view as a piano roll

That’s ALL IN THE FREE SUBSCRIPTION. We hope you have a good time.
And if you are missing something, let us know support@melodyscanner.com

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Updated on July 29, 2022