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How To Use The Edit Mode

In this guide, you will learn about all the Features of the Edit Mode, that comes with your Klangio Transcription.

Opening the Edit Mode #

The button for accessing the Edit Mode of a Klangio Transcription
You can find the Edit Mode in the top left corner of your transcription.

Click on the “Edit Mode” button in the top left corner of your transcription to open up the Edit Mode. It is available for Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs, Sing2Notes and Melody Scanner. Make sure to upgrade to a Full Transcription to unlock the Editing Mode before getting started.

Feature Overview #

The available settings of the Edit Mode

Currently, the Edit Mode allows you to:

  • Transpose the Key
  • Change the Note duration
  • Select a Split Point (Piano2Notes only)
  • Change the Time Signature
  • Adjust the Pickup Bar

But many more features are on the Way!

Transpose the Key #

To transpose the key of your transcription, basically shifts all the played notes by your selected amount of semitones. For guitarists, it’s like using a capo. This can come in very handy if you want your transcription to match a song in a different key afterward. Simply click on + and – to adjust how many semitones you want to tune the transcription up or down. The displayed notes will then adjust after you click on transpose.

Change the Note Duration #

If the tempo was picked up by half, or double the BPM you intended it to be, this setting can help out. By clicking on “2.0x” you can stretch out the notes and by clicking on “0.5x” you compress them by half.

Select a Split Point (Piano2Notes only) #

The split point determines the separation of which hand plays which notes on the piano. Choosing a higher split point means, that the left hand will cover a bigger range of notes and vice versa. Simply click on the “+” or “-” button to change it. The preview will display how your sheet music will change. Once you’re done, click on “APPLY”.

Change the Time Signature #

Most commonly, the 4/4 time signature is used, especially in Pop Songs. If however the AI did not estimate it correctly, you can switch between that and the 3/4 time signature by clicking on these buttons.

Adjust the Pickup Bar #

This setting basically lets you shift all your notes further to the left or the right, by clicking on the arrow buttons. This allows you to adjust, which note is the one of the measurement, in case it wasn’t detected correctly.

Save and revert #

If you want to undo some change, you can use the arrow buttons in the top right corner of your sheet to revert or retain these. Don’t forget to save once you’re happy with your changes.

Can’t find a Fix in the Edit Mode? #

If you’re struggling to fix an error in your transcription, don’t hesitate to write a comment below about what feature you’d like to have in the Edit Mode and check out this guide to learn about more ways to fix your transcription.

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Updated on May 15, 2024