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How to Use Melody Scanner’s Arrangement Mode to Create Piano Arrangements

Transcribing songs into piano arrangements is easy with Melody Scanner’s Arrangement Mode. This guide will teach you how to generate beautiful piano arrangements directly from YouTube videos.

Optimize Any Song for Piano With Melody Scanner’s Arrangement Mode

As a pianist, recreating complex songs as piano arrangements allows you to play your favorite music. But transcribing the different instrumental parts is difficult and time consuming.

Melody Scanner’s powerful Arrangement Mode solves this problem. With just a few clicks, you can create full piano arrangements from YouTube videos and audio files.

This post will teach you how to:

  • Get started with Melody Scanner
  • Use the Arrangement Mode
  • Review and download your arrangements
  • Edit arrangements and use premium features
  • Transcribe songs beyond Melody Scanner

Soon you’ll be able to easily turn any song into a piano arrangement!

Step-by-Step Guide to Melody Scanner Arrangement Mode

Follow these simple steps to generate piano arrangements with Melody Scanner:

1. Create a Melody Scanner Account

Go to melodyscanner.com and click “Try it For Free” to sign up or log in.

2. Find the Arrangement Mode

In your Melody Scanner songbook dashboard, hover over the + icon and click “YouTube to Sheet.” Select Arrangement Mode.

3. Choose Your Settings

Pick your desired difficulty level, from easy melody lines to full two-hand piano arrangements. Enter a song or YouTube URL.

4. Generate and Review Your Arrangement

Melody Scanner’s AI will create a piano arrangement from the original song. Review the sheet music, listen to a preview, and download the PDF.

5. Edit Your Arrangement (Premium)

Use Edit Mode to tweak your arrangement by adding or deleting notes. Upgrade to premium for unlimited downloads and MIDI/MusicXML formats.

6. Try Other Klangio Apps

Expand beyond Melody Scanner with their other transcription apps for piano, chords, drums, and more.

With Melody Scanner’s user-friendly Arrangement Mode, you’ll be playing your favorite songs on piano in no time. Sign up and start creating professional piano arrangements today!

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Updated on March 5, 2024