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MP3 to Sheet Music

Scenario: You have this song you would love to play by yourself. But you only have the MP3 file and no sheet music for it. How to attain them?

  1. Press the Plus-button on the right bottom corner

  2. Choose the upload file-button

  3. A window opens: upload a file
    1) First select the instrument you want to transcribe
    2) Drag and Drop a file into the drop field or click on it to show a select file dialog
    Supported file types are: .MP3, .OGG, .M4A and .AMR

  4. The dialog closes automatically, and your song will appear in your songbook with a sand clock icon.
    This means it is in the queue, but the processing has not started yet.
  5. When it is your turn, it will be indicated by a rotating circles icon. The transcription itself will now take up to 3 minutes (depending on the video duration)
  6. When the transcription is finished, the song’s icon will change to a note icon.
    Now you can open it by clicking on the title.

An error happened during the transcription:

Erroneous songs are indicated by a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it


  • Is the file a valid audio file? Can you play the file on your desktop?
  • Is there music in the file?
  • Is the audio long enough?
    (The algorithm is trying to fit a measure system into the song, therefore at least 4 bars of music should be contained)

Get help from our team:

  • You can right-click the erroneous and send us a bug report
  • We will investigate the problem and answer you via email as soon as possible.
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Updated on July 29, 2022