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How to Upgrade a Demo Transcription to a Full Transcription

You’re happy with your free transcription and want more? Glad to hear that! This guide will show you how to upgrade a Klangio Demo Transcription into a Full Transcription.

There are multiple ways to do that. It doesn’t matter how you upgrade it, the full transcription will always come with the full set of features.

Upgrading through the Download/Export Menu #

The Klangio Download Formats Menu
Upgrading through the Download Menue

You can open the Download Menu in the top right corner of your free transcription, and then click on any format except for MIDI. This will upgrade your transcription.

Upgrading below the Sheet #

The Upgrade to a Full Klangio Transcription button below the preview sheet
Upgrading below the Sheet preview

When scrolling down the preview sheet of your transcription, you will notice that there is also a button which lets you upgrade to a full transcription.

Upgrading with the Edit Mode #

The Edit Mode of a Klangio Transcription
Upgrading in the Edit Mode

Opening the Edit Mode in the top left corner also lets you convert your free transcription into a full transcription, by clicking on the “Upgrade” button.

Upgrading with the Additional Information #

Did you know you can also start a full transcription directly when you have at least one ticket? Just click on “Full Transcription” in the additional Information window after uploading an audio file, or pasting in a YouTube link. Find out more about the Additional Information in this guide.

You started a Full Transcription by Accident? No Worries! #

If you ever find yourself misclicking, and accidentaly starting a transcription, you don’t need to worry. Check out this guide on how to refund a transcription with just a couple clicks.

Feel free to write a comment if you have further questions on how to upgrade a Klangio Demo Transcription to a Full Transcription.

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Updated on May 13, 2024