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How to Create / Log into your Klangio Account

If you want to try out the Klangio Apps like Piano2Notes, Guitar2Tabs and Sing2Notes for free, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll show you how to create and log into your Klangio account.

Step 1: Open your Klangio App

The Klangio Homepage, displaying the available products.
Select your App by clicking on “Products”
The Klangio Mobile Apps
Tap on the icon of the app.

First, head over to the Klangio homepage and select the app you want to use by clicking on the “Products” sections in the header of the website. If you’re using the mobile apps, simply open them with your device by tapping on the icon.

Step 2: Creating / Logging in your Account

The Login and Sign Up Button at the Klangio Website.
Click on “Login” or “Sign Up”
Use your Google Account or Mail to Login or Sign Up.

Now it’s time to create an account or log into your existing account. In the top right corner, you’ll find a button to either Login or Sign Up. Click on one of them. You can now either login with your Google Account or directly with your E-Mail and Password.

The Login / Sign Up options of the Klangio mobile apps.
Tap on one of the Login options of the Klangio mobile apps.

When using the mobile apps, you have the option to create a new account with E-Mail and a password (Register for free), sign in or register with a Google Account (Sign in with Google) or login with your existing Klangio Account (Login with Klangio), right after opening one of the apps.

Note: It’s best to only create one Klangio Account, to keep all your transcription in one central place.

Advantages of a Klangio Account

If you’re using multiple apps, don’t worry, you can access all the apps with a single Klangio account! Your account also lets you access your previous transcriptions with your Songbook. All your work is also synchronized between the Web and Mobile versions of the Apps.

I hope that explains how to create or log into your Klangio Account. If you run into any issues, make sure to check out this guide, and of course, feel free to ask anything in the comments. I’m happy to help!

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Updated on May 7, 2024