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What Music can Klangio Transcribe?

If you’re unsure about what the Klangio Apps can and can’t do, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will explain what kind of music each of the Klangio Apps can transcribe.

What Works best with the Apps?

If you are already aware of the limitations of each of the apps, you can read more about how to improve the quality of your transcription. Also note that the audio file, containing the music, are limited in type, length and size.


Drum2Notes, our newest service, can transcribe the drums from any song. This means that, even if other instruments are audible in the song, Drum2Notes only listens to the Drums and turns them into notes. It can differentiate between Kick / Bass Drum, Snare, Various Toms, Open and Closed Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride and Cowbell.


With Piano2Notes, you can transcribe music that exclusively contains the piano. This means if you try to transcribe music containing more instruments than just the piano, the quality of the transcription will be significantly worse. To overcome this, you will need to separate the audio into the instrument stems. Piano-Like instruments like Organs, Rhodes Pianos or Harpsichords can also work to a certain extent, but the model is not specifically trained for these instruments.


Guitar2Tabs transcribes guitar music. This app also is meant to be used with music containing only one guitar. Songs with more instruments will require you to conduct an audio separation beforehand. In the additional information window of the transcription, you have the option to select which guitar is contained in your recording. Currently, the following guitar types are available:

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Bass Guitars

Keep in mind, that a clean signal of the guitar is required for a good transcription.


As the name suggests, Sing2Notes transcribes the vocals of a song. Again, this model is trained and works best with music that exclusively contains singing. Songs with more instruments will require you to conduct an audio separation beforehand.

Melody Scanner

In contrast to the other Klangio Apps, Melody Scanner can transcribe virtually any song! However, it does not aim to deliver a precise transcription for single instruments like with the other apps, but instead a transformative notation for the piano. Check out the tutorials on the Arrangement Mode and the Lead Sheet Mode to learn more about it.

Feel free to check out the other articles in our Help Center, if you have questions about what kind of music the Klangio Apps can transcribe. If you’re still stuck, please reach out to via our Contact Form. We’re happy to help!

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Updated on June 24, 2024