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How to Turn Audio Files and YouTube Videos into MIDI

This article will show you, how to turn Audio Files and YouTube videos into MIDI, using the Klangio Apps.

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Step 1: Choose a Klangio Application #

Before starting, make sure to use the right application, check out this guide if you need help.

Note that all apps are available for your browser and your Phone. The mobile Apps also allow you to record your music directly in the app.

Step 2: Upload the Audio File or Paste in a YouTube Link #

Drag and drop the audio file into this box to transcribe it.
The drag-and-drop box of the transcription apps.
The audio selection of Melody Scanner
Melody Scanner: Click on the Green Plus and select “File Upload” or “YouTube to Sheet”
The audio selection of the Klangio mobile apps.
In the apps, click on YouTube or Audio File.

Now follow the transcription process of the app. Simply drag and drop the audio file into the dedicated box or paste in a YouTube link of music. Make sure to choose the right mode, when using Melody Scanner.

Step 3: Transcribe the Audio File #

The Additional Information window for transcribing music with the Klangio Apps.
The additional information window of Piano2Notes

Simply follow through the dialog windows to transcribe the audio file. You can learn more about the additional settings in this guide.

Step 4: View the Transcription and Download the MIDI File #

A Klangio demo transcription with Piano2Notes.
The transcribed audio in the transcription viewer.
The export formats of the Klangio Apps.
Click on “Downlaod” and then on “Export PDF”

You can now see your transcription in the transcription viewer. In the top right corner of the transcription, you have the option to download the transcription in different formats. Choose either MIDI or MIDI (unq.). If you haven’t already, start a full transcription.

Step 5: Open the MIDI File #

Most commonly, you can use MIDI files in a Digital Audio Workstation for making and producing music. Check out this guide to learn more.

Feel free to write questions in the comments about how to turn audio and YouTube into MIDI files. I’m happy to help!

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Updated on June 1, 2024